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SPiE Strategic Admission Guidance

The SPiE Admission Guidance service is one stop solution to students seeking USA University admission for undergrad and graduate courses. We provide assistance from preparing your profile to the Visa procedure with utmost possible expertise. Our students are happily placed in Top Universities is USA. Our scientific approach ensures the most appropriate school selection that is customized to your requirements. From choosing suitable universities to taking care of your entire application process and then following up with Universities – we remain with you, until your secure admission. We have served students going USA since last 5 years, which has finally established us with a good network of SPiE students, studying in different Universities is USA. Our current students get advantage of our students’ network.
We ensure our students the most appropriate University for you.

Services Provided by SPiE Strategic Guidance Services

  • Profile understanding
  • University selection
  • Helping you to identify the recommenders
  • Editing your Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Building the content of your SOP (Statement of Purpose)and Essays
  • Preparing your Resume
  • Helping you to prepare all your documents which include application forms, financial aid applications, transcripts, and financial documents
  • Reviewing your online application
  • Comprehensive and Rigorous Interview Training
  • Providing you with Value Added services such as insurance, discounted courier prices, education loans, ticketing and many more...

Why SPiE Strategic Guidance Services!!!

  • A team of highly qualified professionals who understand the admissions process thoroughly.
  • Placement history that includes successful placement in more than 300 Universities along with Ivy League.
  • Pre-screening of applicants to ensure that you get admission in the school which is best suited to you.
  • 100% admission success rate.
  • Adequate help in Financial Aid.
  • Adhering to the deadlines and timeliness.
  • ‘Get Involved’ with all previous students’ profile and admission result that can be used to find the perfect University to you.
  • Expertise in diverse area of study.

About SPiE

SPiE India has a versatile track record of placing student’s across some of the most reputed Universities around the globe. We are renowned for breaking the conventional and discovering new study destinations for students...Learn More

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